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Intended Sacrifice of Isaac
- Isaac a 'lad'


    Young Isaac
The intended sacrifice of Isaac is recorded
in Genesis chapter 22.

The text of this chapter does not fully clarify
the age of Isaac at that time.

The use of the word 'lad' or 'boy' (Strong's
5288) to describe Isaac at this time has led
many to envision Abraham preparing to sacrifice
his young son.

It is therefore difficult for many to consider
that at this time Isaac was actually nearly 30
years old.
Older Isaac

In this text the men who accompany Abraham and Isaac are also
described in the Hebrew as 'young men', but our translations do
not depict them as 'lads' or 'boys'. We also find Joshua in Exod
33:11 described by the same Hebrew word and yet Joshua at this
time is apparently mature enough to lead an army into battle
(refer Josh 17:8-9). 

Scripture seems to be indicating that a man reaches full maturity
at the age of 30 years, the age when the sons of Levi were
permitted to work in the tabernacle of meeting, Num 4:3.

Few have realized the willingness of Isaac to offer himself as a
sacrifice, that the will of God may be fulfilled, was how Isaac
qualified (ie proved his faith)!

It is also interesting to note that the promises made by God to
Abraham are not recorded by Scripture as being passed from Abraham
to Isaac!
(However, the passing of the promises from Isaac to Jacob (Gen 27)
and from Jacob to the sons of Joseph (Gen 48) were recorded.)

What is not at first clear is that the promises were passed on to
Isaac directly by God, by God giving an oath to Isaac,

     1Chr  16:15   Remember His covenant forever,
                   The word which He commanded,
                   for a thousand generations,
             :16   The covenant which He made with Abraham,
                   And His oath to Isaac,
             :17   And confirmed it to Jacob for a statute,
                   To Israel for an everlasting covenant,

     Psa  105:9    The covenant which He made with Abraham,
                   And His oath to Isaac,

The oath to Isaac and the confirmation of the promises to Abraham
occurred at the same time! Immediately following the intended
sacrifice of Isaac.

By describing Isaac as a 'young man' Scripture is placing an upper
limit upon the age of Isaac.

The presented solution to the 400 year and 430 year periods requires
an age for Isaac of about 30 years.

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