1ST BEASTsea beast of Revelation 13"Mouth of a Lion"

Revelation Chapter 13
Sea Beast - Land Beast - 42 Months
' 666 '


False Prophet - land beast
"Like a Lamb"

Chapter 13 of the book of Revelation has long hidden its teaching, but
it is time it was made clearer.

Revelation 13 presents descriptions of two beasts,

                    - a beast from the sea (verse 1)
                    - a beast from the land (verse 11).

These are often linked to the entities beast and false prophet (entities
mentioned in Revelation 16:13, 19:20 and 20:10).

Associated with the first beast is 42 months (verse 5).

Associated with one, or both, of these beasts is the number 666 (verse 18).


A number of details are presented in the Revelation text which assist
the reader in identifying this beast.

            - Mention of leopard, bear and lion.
            - 7 heads, 10 horns, 10 crowns on horns.
            - One of the heads mortally wounded, but
            - An extended duration of '42 months'.
            - Allowed to make war against the saints.

Many commentators discussing this beast rightly start with a consideration
of the lion, bear and leopard beasts presented in Daniel chapter 7. Since
these beasts have historically been considered as representations of the
Babylonian, Medo-Persian and Greek Empires, the 'beast' is usually assumed
to depict a Gentile arrangement.

However, this website takes the view that the portrayal of these progressive
kingdoms is actually intended to mirror major variances in the forms of
God's chosen vessel 'Israel'. That the teachings of the book of Daniel were
cloaked, often in a Gentile guise, to conceal God's actual prophetic message.
A message concerning the nature and fate of Israelite governing rulerships
or faith based leaderships claiming to represent God.

The focal point of all biblical prophecy is the ancient entity known as

'Israel' was the firstborn son of God!

    Exod   4:22  Then you shall say to Pharaoh, Thus says the
                 LORD; "Israel is My son, My firstborn.

With this different approach how should we view the 7 heads, 10 horns and
10 crowns?

The prophecy tells us that one of the heads had been 'mortally wounded'
and was 'healed'. The major historical wound of Israel was the fall of
the final remnant kingdom to the Kingdom of Babylon.

This deadly wound was subsequently healed by God through the proclamation
of Cyrus (king of Persia). Ezra 1:2-4.

However, Israel became no more than a shadow of it's former self.
Nevertheless, it did retain some 'claim to glory' since it preserved
the Scriptures and represented what remained of the Old Covenant faith.

Having now mentioned the mortally wounded head, and it's healing, it
is now necessary to reflect on the identities of the 7 heads being 
alluded to in this prophecy.

Daniel chapter seven presents four beasts having in total 7 heads!
1 lion head, 1 bear head, 4 leopard heads and 1 'fourth beast' head.

The indication from this prophecy (when the beasts of Daniel chapter
seven are considered) is that we are dealing with a progression of
heads through time. 

Since the lion, bear and leopard are mentioned before the deadly wound
we are drawn to the conclusion that the lion head, the bear head and
four leopard heads arose before the deadly wound occurred.

The head of the fourth beast would arise thereafter.  

The 10 horns and crowns can also be explained by considering Daniel
chapter seven. They are ten kingdoms (and ten kings) associated with
the final 'fourth beast'.


A critical piece of information provided by the Revelation prophecy is
that after the healing of the beast's wound the healed beast would be
given authority to continue a further 42 months.

The cryptic reference '42 months' is likely a New Testament reference to
the period cryptically described in Daniel chapter 4 as 'seven times'.

Both terms being symbolic references to an actual period of 2,520 years.
The period of time from when Cyrus released the Jews, to the expiry of
the time allocated for those of the Old Covenant faith to repent of their
hard heartedness.

  [ NB: It is easy to derive the period of 2,520 years from
        'seven times'. As 7 years x 360(days per year) equals
        2,520 days, which is symbolising 2,520 years.
        However, it is more difficult to derive this period
        from '42 months'. The notion of '42 months' may be
        easily equated to 1,260 years, ie 42 months x 30 days
        (1260 days, symbolising 1260 years), but the doubling
        of this value to provide 2,520 years could be
        However, the text '42 months' can also be rendered as
        '42 New Moons'. (In the Old Testament the Hebrew word
        may either be rendered 'month(s)' or 'New Moon(s)'.)
        The topic of 'New Moons' has been poorly understood,
        refer to NEW MOON - Chodesh - Explained!).
        NB: The existence of only six symbolic 'New Moons'
            per year would mean that '42 New Moons' would
            also equate to 7 years (and therefore 2,520
            years)! ]


For a further discussion of the Daniel chapter 7 beasts click the following:


The healed head mentioned in Revelation refers to a Judean king. Seemingly
one of the four sons/relatives of Josiah, who ruled after king Josiah.

These ruled after Josiah; Jehoahaz, Eliakim (renamed Jehoiakim), Jehoiachin
(also named Coniah) and Mattaniah (renamed Zedekiah).

It is from Jehoiachin that the rulership line was maintained. From this
line Jesus Christ traced his kingly ancestry (refer Matt 1:12'Jeconiah').

The text of Revelation 13 mentions that the beast from the sea represents
an entity which kills the saints.

    Acts   7:51  You stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears!
                 You always resist the Holy Spirit; as your fathers
                 did, so do you.
            :52  Which of the prophets did your fathers not persecute?
                 And they killed those who foretold the coming of the
                 Just One, ...


The bible almost always records numbers (both small and large) in word
form (eg 'two hundred and seventy-six' in Acts 27:37).

However, this is not the case for the number '666' found in Rev 13:18.

Apparently, most of the received texts present the number in the Greek
letter form - where letters are used to represent numbers.

Revelation 13, number 666
[ NB: Some received texts present the number '666' as "600 60 6". ] Reading the letters with a Hebrew perspective, that is from right to left, we have,
Stigma   = Stigma = 6
Xi   = Xi = 60
Chi   = Chi = 600
An excerpt from
666 Interlinear
A Strong's reference summary of G5516.
666 Interlinear
When we look into Scripture, to find other references to the number '666', we find the number in three other places. - Ezra 2:13 - number of the people of Adonikam who returned to Jerusalem from Babylon - 1 Kings 10:14 - '666 talents of gold' - 2 Chron 9:13 - '666 talents of gold' The last two references are clearly relevant. Both refer to a fixed annual income received every year by Solomon. The source of this income is not stated, but a number of possible sources are excluded. 1King 10:15 besides that from the traveling merchants, from the income of traders, from all the kings of Arabia, and from the governors of the country. The fixed nature of this income suggests a 'rental income' and indeed Solomon was the recipient of a significant rental income from many large vineyards. Song 8:11 Solomon had a vineyard at Baal Hamon; he leased the vineyard to keepers; everyone was to bring for its fruit a thousand silver coins. :12 My own vineyard is before me. You, O Solomon, have a thousand, and those who tend its fruit two hundred (each). This rental income was also alluded to in Isaiah. Isa 7:23 It shall happen in that day, that wherever there could be a thousand vines(vineyards) worth a thousand (mina each) of silver, It will be for briers and thorns. These verses indicate that in the time of Solomon;

  1,000 vineyards x 1,000 silver x 200 people = 200 million silver

                                                (= 666 gold talents) 


  1,000 vineyards x 1,000 mina                = 1 million mina

                                                (= 666 gold talents) 

[ Notes: a) Therefore Scripture is indicating that a silver mina is composed of 200 silver 'pieces'! The silver piece being discussed is likely the smallest silver weight. Suggesting the silver 'pieces', for the rental of the vineyard, were 'bekahs'. The 'bekah' is a half shekel weight. It was also the weight specified for the census collection, refer Exod 38:26. [NB: This would indicate that 100 shekel weights composed one mina. The ratio also derived in the "The Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin Prophecy" webpage discussion. ] b) A deflated value for silver was present during the reign of Solomon. Silver was in excess supply and undervalued. 1 Kings 10:27 "And the king made silver to be in Jerusalem as stones" c) The word for 'calculate' or 'count' in Rev 13:18 is Strong's G5585 and means to 'use pebbles in enumeration'. The use of a word meaning pebbles indicates that the reader should derive the number of silver pieces being represented. (It is interesting that the above 1 Kings 10:27 also compares silver to stones.) d) Exodus 38:25-26 states 603,550 bekahs (half shekels of the sanctuary) was the equivalent of 100 talents and 1775 sanctuary shekels. Teaching that 6,000 sanctuary bekahs weighed a talent. Therefore, 200 million half shekels would equal 33,333 (200,000,00 / 6,000) talents of silver. Equating 33,333 talents of silver to 666 talents of gold. This would indicate a silver to gold ratio of 50:1. A single gold coin would be considered worth the equivalent of 50 silver coins of the same weight. e) While the collection of vineyard rental from each person is stated as having been in silver, it is evident that those responsible for collection and forwarding to king Solomon would have paid the king's treasury in gold. f) NB: The number 200,000,000 is also mentioned in Revelation 9:16, referring to the number of mounted horsemen bound at the river Euphrates. ]

  Why the Unusual Representation of the Number 666?

      As the this unusual 'letter form' of representation
      is only encountered in this verse, there has to be a
      meaningful reason for the adoption of this format.

      Two perspectives can be seen.

      1)  The format allows a simple splitting of 666 into
          three numbers 6, 60 and 600.

          Each of these numbers can be used to allude to
          the infamous 30 shekels of silver.

            6  '5 shekel' weights  =  30 shekels of silver
           60  bekahs              =  30 shekels of silver
          600  gerahs              =  30 shekels of silver

          Indicating a clear reference to a traitor.

      2)  A progressive recognition of the number is also

                Initial letter only  =  6
                Initial two letters  =  66
                All three letters    =  666

          It is interesting that all three numbers 6, 66, 666     
          have a common attribute. They are all numbers which
          are results of counting upwards from 1.

               i.e. 1+2+3                    =  6
                    1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11  =  66
                    1+2+3+4 ... 33+34+35+36  =  666.

          It is somewhat unusual that these three numbers
          6, 66 and 666 have this feature.

          Consider the upper counted numbers, ie 3, 11 and 36.
          The number 3 has biblical significance, the number
          11 has limited significance and 36 (being 3 x 12)
          could be given some relevance.

          However, if these numbers 3, 11, and 36 are added
          together we have 3+11+36 = 50.

          As has already been noted, 50 is the number which
          allows the conversion of Solomon's vineyard rental
          income from silver to gold.

From the above verses it appears that Solomon, as king of Israel, had control of Israel's vineyards and rented them to whomever he pleased. Indicating that in the same way the future beast will control who will be permitted to tend and profit from the various spiritual vineyards of God. In other words, who would be able to 'buy or sell' in the wine/teachings of God. The name/number of the beast is said to also be the number of a man (Rev 13:17-18). Obviously Israel is the name of a nation, but it is also the name of a symbolic 'son of God' (recall Exodus 4:22). [ Notes: a) At a lesser level, we know that Jacob's name was changed by God to 'Israel' (Gen 32:27-28). b) The number 666 also suggests a 2nd lesser connection to another actual person, King Solomon. ] Identifying the beast of Revelation 13:1-10 as various forms of the entity 'Israel' helps place the second beast in perspective.


The beast from the land is not directly identified in the Revelation
13 chapter as the False Prophet, but the comparison to the following
verse strongly suggests this conclusion.

    Rev   19:20  Then the beast was captured, and with him the
                 false prophet who worked signs in his presence,
                 by which he deceived those who received the
                 mark of the beast and those who worshiped his

The main actions of the beast from the land are;

                 1)  Causing the creation of a more tangible
                     image of the first beast.
                 2)  Ensuring this image is worshiped.

Also, we can see that the fate of the first beast and the False Prophet
happens to be identical.

    Rev   19:20  Then the beast was captured, and with him the
                 false prophet ... These two were cast alive
                 into the lake of fire burning with brimstone.

This second beast arises out of the earth (ie spiritual earth), an
indication that it arises out of Judaism. 

There is a strong suggestion that this second beast will seek to build
an image of ancient Israel. A possible reference to the temple sanctuary
and its observances.

[ NB: It is indicated that this second beast will attempt to
      solidify a memorial of the past. Hence, the mention of
      the setting up an image to the first beast.
      This entity differs from the 'little horn' in Daniel,
      as the Daniel 'little horn' takes away the daily
      sacrifices, refer Dan 8:11. ]




It is not initially clear but many of the descriptions of the healed
beast head, actually apply to when the image is made by the 2nd Beast.

     - speak     (a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies - v15)
     - kill      (make war with the saints and overcome them - v15)
     - authority (cause all to receive a mark - v16,17) 

So the full nature of the healed beast does not become manifest until
the end-time image is brought into existence.

It will be a religious organisation which will seek to bring its people
into spiritual captivity. So in this way many will be symbolically
marked in their minds (foreheads) and religious work (right hand).

People and groups which do not 'fall into line' will be disfellowshipped
and otherwise suppressed (symbolically killed). In its domain, this
organisation will seek to fully control God's vineyard work.

It is important to note that the 4th beast of Daniel chapter seven
manifests itself in two different forms!

Firstly, a united religious establishment enforcing its Scriptural

Secondly, a satanic led power going in an entirely different direction
('intend to change times and law').

(NB: Both forms will seek to enforce their agendas.)

The rise of a satanic power is also reflected in Dan 11:37-38; where
Scripture speaks of a ruler which will not regard the God of his fathers!


In summary Revelation chapter 13 is describing several successive periods
of time.

            -  Lion, bear and leopard era
            -  Deadly wound era
            -  Interim healed beast era
            -  End-time image of the Beast from the Sea

There is a close association between this Revelation prophecy and the
imagery presented in Daniel chapter 7.

However, this prophecy excludes the final era (when the first three
horns are uprooted and the 4th beast is ruled by the 'little horn').


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