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Woman, Child, Satan,
Two Witnesses

Revealed Prophecy

The book of Revelation in order to provide an adequate background to the
end time also provides a broader perspective.

Placed either side of the blowing of the seventh trumpet we encounter the
accounts of the 'TWO WITNESSES' and the 'WOMAN, CHILD AND SATAN', both of
which refer to a preliminary symbolic period of 1,260 days.

The cryptic nature of the 'woman, child and Satan' account is quite
apparent, but unfortunately the surface meaning of the 'two witnesses'
prophecy has deceived many readers.

In both of these cryptic stories the 1,260 days refers to the period of
3,500 years. For both of these accounts this period begins at the time
of the exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt. For a fuller
explanation refer to:
THE 1,260 Days Of Revelation 11 and 12

The reference to the Exodus highlights the initial creation of the nation of
Israel and enables the reader to gain an appropriate long-term perspective.
Neither story comments upon the appearance of Jesus Christ during this span
of time and both narratives take for granted that the reader knows physical
Israel underwent a metamorphosis transforming into spiritual Israel during
the passing of these 3.5 millennia.

Despite this broad perspective both accounts align themselves with the
major end-time periods.

ADMONITION    The final completion of the testimony of the two witnesses.
              War breaks out in heaven and Satan is thrown out of heaven.

TRIBULATION   The 3.5 days when the two witnesses are considered dead.
              The 'time and times and half a time' when Satan persecutes
              those who dwell on the earth and sea.

RESOLUTION    The breath of life enters the two witnesses and they ascend
              into heaven. An earthquake occurs and the remaining rebellious
              leaders (the 'tenth' of Rev 11:13) perish.


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