great image - Daniel 2

Daniel Chapter 2

Iron - Christian

Does the Great Image/Statue prophecy of Daniel chapter two really represent
a progression of Gentile kingdoms?



great gentile image          gold silver bronze iron  great Israelite statue

Was the message really as simple as:

            Head            =  GOLD    =  BABYLONIAN EMPIRE
            Chest & Arms    =  SILVER  =  MEDO-PERSIAN EMPIRE
            Belly & Thighs  =  BRONZE  =  GREEK EMPIRE
            Legs            =  IRON    =  ROMAN EMPIRE

It seems no one has realized the true meaning of the great statue prophecy
lies not in the surface meaning, but that it is being used to represent
another more biblically important entity.

This great image was in the form of a man, because it portrayed an entity
which carried the name of a man. The nation Israel (firstly in its physical
form and then in its spiritual form), which carries the name of the man
'Israel' (previously known as 'Jacob').

It should be noted that the life span of the so called 'Gentile Kingdoms
Man', was quite short. Using modern dating only about 1,100 years.

Gentile kingdoms
(From 626 BC)

(From 539 BC)

(From 331 BC)

(146 BC - 476 AD)
The Gentile Kingdom version of the Great Image fails to reach until the
biblical end-time. To overcome this shortfall some introduce a time gap
and others emphasize the various resurrections of the Roman Empire, but
the reality is this so called 'man' has long since died.

The problem with Daniel 2 is that people have consistently failed to fully
appreciate the symbolic nature of this Gentile statue. Failed to perceive
the existence of a second symbolic entity, the man/nation 'Israel'.

For the first stage of the growth of 'Israel' it was a literal nation ruled
by God, then it was ruled by human kings, then it became a priesthood based
entity (the Jewish faith) and finally it became a clergy led faith manifest
in many different forms (Christianity).
Jacob divisions

GOD IS KING - 3,500 BT
(From Exodus)

(From Saul)

(After Captivity)

(After Pentecost)

 1) 'BT' = Before Tribulation.

 2) The life span of this Israel is 3,500 years or 70 Jubilees.
    This man spent 30 Jubilees under 'Law' and is completing 40
    Jubilees with freedom.

 3) Prior to the appointment of the first human king, God was the
    king of Israel!
        1Sam 12:12  ... 'No, but a king shall reign over us',
                    when the LORD your God was your king.

 4) The Gold/Silver transformation occurred at 62 Jubilees.
    The value of 62 jubilees is most clearly defined by the correct
    understanding of the seventy weeks prophecy.
    However, the connection to the gold/silver transformation is
    through the seemingly irrelevant historical comment,
        Dan   5:31  And Darius the Mede received the kingdom,
                    being about sixty-two years old.
    The transfer between the Babylonian and the Medo-Persian empires
    occurred when Darius the Mede was 62 years old. Scripture by
    recording this unimportant fact manages to subtly connect the
    transfer between the first two metals with the number 62.

 5) The Silver/Bronze division is clarified by the teaching of the
    prophecy in Daniel chapter 4. The metals bronze and iron are
    connected to the time during which the great tree was reduced
    to a stump, refer Daniel 4:15. This period is defined as the
    period of "seven times". This period is 7 x 360 =2,520 years,
    a time linked to the release of the Jews from captivity.

 6) The bronze/iron difference represents the next major change
    in the work of God. The modification of the applicable belief
    system; from emphasis upon physical laws to emphasis upon



In the end-time we observe the stone striking the feet of the image.

         feet - iron clayiron stone


The 'stone' is described in Dan 2:45 as having been cut out of a mountain.

However, in the earlier description of the vision (verses 31-35) we do
not encounter any mention of a pre-existing mountain. Why?

Verse 40 indicates the iron of the fourth kingdom crushes all the other
elements, but verse 45 states that the stone is what crushes the elements
of the statue. Which is correct?

The answer to these questions lies in understanding the stone was cut
from the fourth kingdom. (In much the same way as the apostles were
initially cut out of the Jewish faith, so will those who compose the
stone be cut out of Christianity.)


When the stone is cut out, without human hands, the initial form of the
Godly kingdom will have come into existence, verse 44.

This stone is cut out in the end-time. Verse 44 advises us that this
occurs in the time of the days of the 'kings', ie in the time of the
10 toes.

This stone represents an entity which shall never be destroyed and which
is destined to fill the whole earth, ie the spiritual earth previously
dominated by the four Israelite kingdoms.

 ( NB: The rendering of the NKJV in verses 40 & 44 can be a little
       confusing, but it is the stone which causes the other parts
       of the statue to be broken in pieces and crushed. The stone
       itself does not break in pieces. )


The feet portray the introduction of a fifth element, baked
pottery clay. This clay is said to represent a 'fragile'
element, this being in sharp contrast to the strong nature
of iron, verse 42. More precisely this clay is described
in verse 43 as the 'seed of man' and the 'clay of the mud'.
This has been interpreted in various ways, but it is clear
that the clay represents an inferior element. A spiritually
inappropriate mixing is suggested.

[In the end-time those of the Jewish faith are expected to
     Rom  11:25  ...hardening in part has happened to Israel
                 {ie, those of the Jewish faith}, until the
                 fullness of the Nations has come in.

 The modern divisions of the Jewish faith today do not know
 and adhere to the Old Covenant Law as accurately as the
 Priests did in the time of Jesus Christ. They have also
 have failed to recognise God's presence in Christianity
 over many centuries. Hence, their representation as baked
 clay. ]
pottery clay


It is apparent that the feet and toes represent an end-time form of the
iron kingdom. However, the 10 toes also help identify the iron kingdom
as the spiritual house of Israel (ie Christianity). The historic form of
the house of Israel was composed of 10 tribes.

This end-time form of the kingdom would be weakened by the mixing with
the inferior clay element.

The 10 toes are said to represent 10 kings (verse 44) and each of these
10 toes are said to exhibit the iron/clay mixture.


In the end-time the vulnerable feet will be struck by the stone, apparently
on the toes, refer verse 42 which emphasizes the fragile nature of the toes.
Following this all the elements of the statue would be crushed into powder
by the stone. Then the wind would blow away the crushed remnant.

The chosen ones of God, those carved out of Christianity, will strike and
grind, through their truthful witness, the corrupt establishment. (This
was typed in the past by Jesus Christ, and later by the apostles, who
opposed the religious hierarchy of their time.)

Then having been spiritually destroyed, by the witness of the stone, the
'wind' will be unleashed to remove completely what remains. This 'wind'
is probably the destroying east wind mentioned in Jer 51:1, Hos 13:15,
Ezek 17:10 and Jer 4:11. The wind is likely the great deception which
will be unleashed upon those who refuse to receive a love of the truth
(2Thes 2:10-12).


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