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Prophecy in the Gospels

Matthew 24 - Mark 13 - Luke 21

Revealed Prophecy

       In order to understand the Book of Revelation it is necessary to
       gain an overall view.

       This is best done by examining the three gospel prophetic chapters;
       Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21.

              ** Matthew 24 **         ** Mark 13 **        ** Luke 21 **

PRELIMINARY   {verses 4-8}             {verses 5-8}         {verses 8-11}
            - false preachers        - same               - same
              many deceived
            - hear of wars           - same               - same
            - 'the end' not yet      - same               - 'the end'
                                                             not immediately

                            - -  T I M E   G A P  - -

            - nation vs nation       - same               - same
            - kingdom vs kingdom     - same               - same
            - famines, pestilences,  - famines, various   - (various earth-
              various earthquakes      earthquakes          quakes, famines,
            - beginning of sorrows   - same                 pestilences,
              (birth pains)                                  fearful sights,
                                                             great signs
                                                             from heaven )

WITNESS      {verses 9-14}             {verses 9-13}        {verses 12-19}
            - deliver you up to      - deliver you up to  - deliver to
              tribulation              councils             synagogues
                                                            and prisons
                                     - beaten in
                                     - before rulers      - before kings and
                                       and kings            rulers, for My
                                                            name's sake
                                     - for a testimony    - occasion for
                                     - gospel preached
                                       to all nations 
                                     - do not premeditate - same
            - kill you
            - hated by all nations   - hated by all for   - same 
              for My name's sake       My name's sake
                                                          - not a hair of
                                                            your head shall
                                                            be lost
            - many offended and      - family betrayal    - family and
              betray one another                            friends betray
                                     - cause them to be   - send some to
                                       put to death         their death v16
            - many false prophets
            - many deceived
            - lawlessness abound
            - love of many will
              grow cold
            - he who endures to      - same               - In patience
              'the end' shall be                            possess
              saved                                         your souls
            - the gospel of kingdom
              preached in all the
              world, to all nations
              then 'the end' will

TRIBULATION   {verses 15-28}           {verses 14-23}       {verses 20-24}
            - 'abomination of        - same               - Jerusalem
              desolation' (Daniel)                          surrounded
                                                            by armies

              ~ standing in the        ~ standing where     ~know it's
                holy place               ought not           desolation
                                                             is near

            - Those in Judea to      - same               - same
              flee to the

            - VERY GREAT             - same               - These the days
              TRIBULATION!                                  of predicted
              ~ Such as not been       ~ Not been from      ~ that all
                since beginning of       the beginning        things written
                the world                of creation          may be
              ~ elect's sake these     ~ same                 fulfilled
                days shortened

            - false christs and      - same 
              ~ showing great signs    ~ same
                and wonders

            - Told you beforehand    - Told you
              ~ Son of Man come as     all things 
                lightning east to      beforehand
              ~ where carcass is,
                there the eagles
                will be gathered

TRIB-HEAVEN   {verse 29}                {verses 24-25}       {verses 25-26}
            - Sun darkened, moon      - same               - same
              not give light and                           - distress of
              stars fall                                     nations
                                                           - sea and waves
                                                           - men's hearts

RESOLUTION    {verses 30-31}           {verses 26-27}       {verses 27-28}
            - sign of Son of Man     - same
              in heaven
            - on clouds of heaven    - same               - same
              with power and
              great glory
            - tribes (nations) will
            - great trumpet sound
            - angels gather His      - same
              elect from the four      (farthest part of
              winds of heaven          earth & heaven)
                                                          - redemption draws


The gospel of Luke takes a slightly different approach than the
gospels of Matthew and Mark.

1)  It does not mention the preaching of the gospel at the end-time,
    but rather focuses upon the preaching of the gospel in the time
    of the apostles and then introduces the Great Tribulation.

2)  It places the thoughts,
            "nation will rise against nation ..."  and
            "earthquakes ... famines and pestilences"
    after the persecution of the apostles but prior to the Great
    Tribulation. (Note 'before' in verse 12.)

3)  It introduces the idea of
            "fearful sights and great signs from heaven"
    prior to the Great Tribulation.
    This apparently is a reference to the disruption in the religious
    hierarchy created by the preaching of the end-time gospel.

4)  It introduces the notion,
            "times of the Gentiles".
    Notice the plural nature of 'times'.
    This covers the '42 months' of Rev 11:2/13:5
    and the immediately following period of the
    Great Tribulation.


The following verses are often quoted in support of some form of
'Rapture' perspective.

    Matt  24:40  Then two men will be in the field: one will
                 be taken and the other left.
            :41  Two women will be grinding at the mill: one
                 will  be taken and the other left. 

Luke chapter 17 adds,

    Luke  17:34  I tell you, in that night there will be two
                 men (or 'people') in one bed: the one will be
                 taken and the other will be left.

Symbolically those who work in the field or grind the grain are 
involved in the work of God. However, the 'in one bed' aspect
indicates that they have spiritually fallen asleep.

The gospel of Luke documents the disciples questioning what this means.

    Luke  17:37  And they answered and said to Him, "Where,
                 Lord?" So He said to them, Wherever the body is,
                 there the eagles will be gathered together. 

In the Old Testament there is a verse which alludes to both,
a) removal and b) the 'one out of two' ratio.

    Zach  14:1   Behold the day of the Lord is coming,
                 And your spoil will be divided in your midst.
            :2   For I will gather all the nations to battle
                 against Jerusalem;
                 The city shall be taken, the houses rifled,
                 And the women ravished.
                 Half of the city shall go into captivity,
                 But the remnant of the people shall not be
                 cut off from the city.
This verse indicates judgment on Jerusalem is being discussed and
that those 'taken' are those which go into captivity!


In discussing this subject it is important to realize Christ returns
in several ways in the end-time.

          -  He returns in Spirit        
          -  He returns as a Bridegroom.
          -  He returns in Glory.


The spirit of Christ is present in the end-time preaching of the gospel.
This end-time gospel message incorporates a superior understanding of
the New Covenant and a full understanding of the previously 'sealed'
prophetic Scriptures.
It is this end-time gospel which 'seals' God's chosen ones.


This is the time Christ returns for the virgins. The parable
is recorded in Matthew 25:1-13. The time of the start of the wedding
ceremony. The event is stated as occurring at 'midnight', refer Matt
Those who fail to enter into the wedding ceremony have to endure the
'days of vengeance' (Luke 21:20). At this time the Great Tribulation,
the predicted 'wrath of the Lamb', the event which is the future
equivalent of the Flood, will occur. It is a time which will catch
many unprepared.


This is the form of return which most people envisage. It the time when
Christ returns from the wedding (Luke 12:36). It is the time of the
sounding of the last trump (Matt 24:31 and 1Cor 15:52). A time when He
returns in power and great glory (Matt 24:30). The time of judgement
upon the nations which trampled Jerusalem (compare Luke 21:24 with
Rev 11:17-18).       


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